The Huntington at Nashua

Resident Testimonials

We believe it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that, for all our residents, their later years are relaxing, enriching and fulfilling. We achieve this by creating a vibrant community that allows our residents to be themselves, whatever that means for each individual. Living here is about being active and making connections, enjoying the stability of a secure future, and knowing you have the choice to do what feels right to you.

Listen as our residents share insights on life at The Huntington at Nashua and offer advice for planning the next stage of your life.

“The friends we’ve made are very close friends. Everybody has been just so nice.” - Chan & Harriet Morrison, Residents since 2009

“We visited some places that were so big that I said absolutley no way. The Huntington was smaller and very friendly.” - Ginny Galpin, Resident since 2013

“There’s so many activities, so many things that one can do.” - John Daniels, Resident since 2012

“Everything is all taken care of. We don’t have to worry about any maintenance, lawn work, and we don’t have to cook! We find more time to do the other things.” - Dr Michael Chow, Resident since 2015

“The earlier you move in here, the better. It’s the best decision I could make.” Sandy Rodgers, Resident since 2015

“We certainly have found the Huntington extremely friendly with lots to do.” - Ginny Galpin, Resident since 2013

“Move earlier than your friends say you should. That’s my advice to people who are thinking about it” - Bill Spencer, Resident since 2004

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