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The Huntington at Nashua: A Day in the Life

Change is never easy, but it's a lot more exciting when you embrace it. And while moving to a Life Plan community can be a big hurdle for a lot of people, we think you'll see that it's easy to embrace the move to The Huntington at Nashua. It's an active community full of interesting people and exciting things to do. Don't believe us? Below we've outlined what a day in the life of a resident here at The Huntington at Nashua is like so you can put yourself in their shoes and see whether our community would be a good fit for your lifestyle. (Spoiler Alert: we think it will be!)

Your newspaper gets delivered to your cottage while you're brewing your coffee, and by the time you get back inside the coffee is finished and ready to pour. Your morning starts in earnest with a steaming cup of coffee and the international new section, the travel section, and the book reviews. You are sure you'll be discussing the more inflammatory headlines with friends as the day goes along, but right now you want to enjoy your morning.

Finished with the book review and your coffee, you check your watch. You have 30 minutes before your appointment with the personal trainer in the gym, and so you leisurely change for the gym and begin making your way to the main campus building. Most days you'll go for a brisk walk around the The Huntington at Nashua's carefully manicured 55 acres with a small group of friends, but today you're headed to the gym. A stiffness in your shoulder has been bothering you, and the personal trainer at the gym recommended a few specific exercises that you should try. You can do them on your own, but once a week you head to the gym to make sure your form is correct and to update the trainer on the progress you have been making.

After the gym, you stroll back to your cottage to change. You have a full day ahead of you, but make time to stop and chat with your neighbors, who are out walking their dog. Back home, it's time to shower and dress. It's developing into a gorgeous summer day, and a light shirt and slacks is all you need to take you from the campus here in Nashua to the Seacoast, where you're headed for lunch with a group of other residents. It's a lunch trip to the restaurant at Wentworth By The Sea and a stop at a sailing museum in Portsmouth. The bus leaves in just under an hour, giving you plenty of time to gather your things, tidy up a bit, put your sunglasses on, and head over to meet the rest of the group.

While you're gone, your cottage has a busy day as well. The groundskeepers come by first, to clean up the bark mulch in your flower beds and cut the grass. Then the housekeeper stops by. They come once every other week to vacuum, mop, and give your cottage a deep clean. When you return mid-afternoon from the excursion to the seacoast your home is clean and organized, inside and out.

After a full afternoon in the sunshine, you're looking for a bit of downtime before dinner. One of your favorite things about The Huntington at Nashua is the events and lecture series they do throughout the year, because it always gives you a new swath of reading material. Over the winter, you went to a few lectures on European history which you always wished you had known more about and have been working your way through a history of Great Britain. So, an hour of the War of the Roses before dinner sounds perfect.

For dinner, you have a friend meeting you for dinner in the Nottingham Room here at The Huntington at Nashua. They are on the waitlist to become a resident, and so each time you invite them to dinner they jump at the opportunity. Meeting them in the foyer of the main building, they enter with eyes wide and a smile slapped on their face. You tell them their favorite swordfish entrée is on the menu tonight, and into the dining room you go, feeling an awful lot like you did in your working days heading into an exciting dinner meeting with a big client.

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