2016-09-06 01:21:00

Ring the Bell, Work’s Out!

Transitioning to a post-work stage of life

Last day of work! Forever? Wow! Leaving work for the last time is a little like that last bell on the final day of school, except back then you knew exactly what to do. After all, summer is easy as a kid. You play at home, you play with friends, then you play some more. We were all good at that! 

Once you’re done working, though… that’s a little different. The “what happens next” part isn’t always so obvious. Sure, you want to relax, do what makes you happy and perhaps spend time on things you haven’t been able to focus on. But retiring from the work force can, for some, be a bit scary. Wait… missing work? It’s true. Here’s why work is good:

It often gives us purpose.

It gives us goals to work towards.

Work keeps us busy.

It occupies our minds.

The social interaction that comes with work is important, too.

Fortunately, life here in a Silverstone Living community can do all that for you, too. The relationships you’ll establish with fellow residents and staff, as well as At Home By Hunt members who also participate in the social aspects of life with us, will be a big part of your life. The social events, excursions, exercise classes and numerous other programs are good for the mind, body and soul! Joining a club or committee (or both!) can help give you purpose and goals to work towards.

Another thing we encourage in your post-work years is immersing yourself in hobbies. Remember all those things you loved but didn’t have enough time for? Or how about the things that interested you that you just weren’t able to explore? The possibilities now are endless. It’s never too late too learn! 

And of course, all of this will keep you busy and occupy your mind. Life is what you make of it, and fortunately, life here includes a lot of options because we want our residents and members to do the things that make them happy. Make your own choices and maintain your independent lifestyle. Suddenly, not working sounds pretty good, right?

If you aren’t already part of the Silverstone Living community, we’re happy to share more about our Life Plan Communities and our Continuing Care at Home program. Let us know and we can set up a personal meeting to discuss what may be the best options for you. Call 603.821.1200 today or visit us online at www.silverstoneliving.org.


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