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Keep your New Year's resolution

Onsite amenities make it easier than ever

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution is a little like being on a diet, which feels a bit ironic considering many people go on a diet as their New Year’s resolution. Regardless of what our resolutions are, we commit to them because of one overriding reason: They’re good for us. We know that if we stick with it, there’s a definite benefit. Plus, it’s exciting to set a goal and begin the New Year with purpose. It’s satisfying to think of making a change of some kind that will mark a real difference in our lives. Making and keeping a resolution isn’t always easy, though.

At Hunt Community, The Huntington at Nashua and At Home By Hunt, we provide all the amenities and resources – not to mention easy access to them – to help you succeed in your New Year’s resolutions and all of your healthy pursuits for mind, body and soul.

Consider the following resolutions, paired with the onsite amenity or benefit that can help you succeed:

Maintaining a healthy exercise plan

The swimming pool and spa at The Huntington at Nashua, along with fitness centers there and at Hunt Community, are available for all our residents and members. You can also work one-on-one with a personal trainer at either community, and both indoor and outdoor classes are offered, depending on the time of year. We even offer a mind aerobics class, to help you stay sharp.

Eating healthier

Our restaurants use the freshest ingredients, including locally source produce. With so many options, and a staff willing and able to accommodate any dietary regulations our residents might have, eating healthier is absolutely realistic.

Finding a new hobby/outlet

Enjoy a new hobby in the New Year and beyond. Between our two campuses, we have woodworking shops, billiards rooms, indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, card and game rooms, arts and crafts rooms, movie theaters, and much more.

Reading more

Both of our active communities feature expansive libraries full of books, music and current publications. And of course, there is plenty of room to find the perfect spot to enjoy your selection.

Finding a resolution you’re excited about, and one that is realistic, are key considerations. It’s also important to not give up if you miss a day. And above all else, it should make you happy.

Will keeping your New Year’s resolution be easy? Maybe, maybe not. But if you’re focused on the happiness the change is going to bring you (and possibly those around you), the satisfaction from that just might be the extra push you need to keep you on track.

If not, you can always try again next year!

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