2016-06-06 01:21:00

June Brings Men’s Health into Focus

Here’s an important question to ask yourself this summer: when was the last time you visited the doctor for preventative reasons? Hopefully you do not have to think too far back, however, research has shown that some of us have an easier time answering this than others. Men take a much more passive role in their health than women and that means fewer doctor visits. In fact, men make only half the number of visits to the doctor for precautionary care than women. 

Addressing the Issue

Why do men visit the doctor less than women? This is not the setup for a joke, it's a serious question. Health is just as important for men as it is for women. The failure of men to become actively engaged in the healthcare system takes a toll: the leading cause of deaths in the US such as heart disease and cancer impact more men than women each year and the gap is growing. As a result, men die five years younger than women on average in this country. This has serious consequences for men and the women who love them. It is time for us to come together and encourage men to become more aware. 

The Men’s Health Network has designated June as Men’s Health Month to create awareness about the health issues facing men. June is a time for men to get serious about making regular annual visits to the doctor and getting educated on heart disease or prostate cancer. We should all be starting general health conversations with our male friends and family. Start the discussion and listen to their thoughts and concerns. 

Wear Your Blue

On June 17th, the Men’s Health Network has created a day to acknowledge the health issues facing men: Wear BLUE Day. It’s a Friday, so bring out your blue clothing and make a statement. Similar to wearing pink in October to support breast cancer research, Wear Blue Day’s mission is to show the men in our lives that we care about their health and to encourage men to live longer and healthier lives. The Men’s Health Network’s website, www.menshealthnetwork.org/wearblue, has resources on how to find or host a Wear BLUE event and how to encourage others to make a difference for their health.

Understanding the Benefits

Health and wellness results in a drastic improvement in the overall quality of our lives. The Silverstone Living family wants its members and residents to remember they can always reach out and speak to our licensed healthcare staff about any health concerns. There should be no stigma for a man, or anyone, to ask for help.  We can all help by encouraging the men in our lives to embrace their health and take the steps to prevent or treat serious disease.

The longest days of the year are in June, giving us more time to cherish our health, get outdoors and spend time with loved ones.  The Silverstone Living family has the resources to make all of this possible.  We want to see our residents and members enjoying the next phase of their life, as healthy as possible.

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