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Hunt Community: A Day in the Life

Change can be hard, and changing your living situation can be a big hurdle for a lot of people. Your routines, your activities, and your lifestyle as a whole can be tied closely to your home, and leaving that can feel like leaving behind a number of the things that make you who you are. We understand this feeling. It's something we talk with many of our new residents about when they begin the process of exploring Hunt Community. The main thing that we talk about is how, by design, your lifestyle shouldn't change much when you become a resident with us here in Nashua. Sure, your location might change a bit, but the things that you love to do, the routines you've built over time, and the parts of you that feel so central to who you are, those shouldn't change. We partner with all of our residents to make them feel right at home at Hunt Community as soon as they join.

Here, we've described what a typical day looks like for one of our residents in the hope that it allows you to imagine what your day would be like once you join Hunt Community.

It's quiet in your apartment when you first wake up. It's springtime, and the warm morning light comes in through the curtains. Sitting up, you plant your feet beside your bed and give yourself a moment to wake up, bare feet warm in the soft carpeting. Heading out to the kitchen, you turn the coffee maker on and grab the newspaper. In the corner of the living room is your favorite chair, worn in just the right places from years of mornings just like this.

Sitting down, it's easy to remember many of the other mornings you've done just this, sit down with the paper and a cup of coffee in this very chair. You remember reading to early-rising grandchildren while they visited, giving your own kids a much-needed lay in. You remember the winter mornings, warm under a blanket, and the summer mornings, legs sticking briefly to the leather as you shift a bit and settle in. During a quick pause in your reading, you think of how nice it is that something as simple as a chair can create such a feeling of home.

As 9 o'clock approaches, the door to your apartment clicks shut behind you. You're heading to grab a quick breakfast before your walking group heads out. In the café, you pass over the fruit salad and the cereal and opt for yogurt with granola and a dollop of honey. You're heading out for a long walk after all, why not treat yourself? In the dining room, some of your neighbors are sitting eating breakfast. They wave at you, and one of them hurries to finish up and joins you on the way downstairs to link up with the walking group.

Some days your walk takes you around Hunt Community's neatly landscaped 16-acre campus. Other times, you take a right and head down Main Street into downtown Nashua, enjoying all the pleasant commotion on the sidewalks as the city wakes up and starts its day. Wherever your feet take you today, by the time you get back inside Hunt Community you're feeling accomplished. While you've got your heart rate up, you head downstairs to the gym, where you can finish your workout. Your doctor, in an effort to improve your posture, has you doing some specific back exercises and you find it much easier to do the exercises in the gym, with the personal trainer checking in on you and making sure you're practicing the correct form. Exercising complete, you head back to your apartment to freshen up and have lunch.

Some days you meet with friends to enjoy a meal. Other days, you join a group of residents heading to lunch in Nashua or beyond, sometimes as far afield as the Seacoast or Boston. But today, after a busy morning it feels great to close the door on your apartment and have a quiet lunch on your own. Eating what you want with your favorite show on the TV, you relish the privacy knowing that, when you want it, there's a whole world of activity outside your door.

With a few hours before dinner, you make your way to the library, where a few friends are playing cards and reading. After a few laughs and rounds of cards, you pick up a book that one of your friends recommended, grab a seat, and dive in. The book builds on a presentation you attended with these friends last week, all about the history of Ireland, and details some of the stories you were most interested in reading more about.

Dinner finds you back upstairs in the dining room. But instead of a quick bite to eat like at breakfast, you're here for the main event. Some friends from just outside of Nashua have come to visit, and you all sit down at one of the tables. You get the steak, as does one of your guests, while the other chooses the panko and parmesan encrusted haddock. Other residents, some with visiting families, some enjoying a relaxing dinner alone, come and go. A few stop by your table and you introduce your guests, who jokingly ask if any of your neighbors are looking for roommates. The wait staff clears the plates and your guests remark that, all throughout dinner, they kept thinking they were in a restaurant. You smile and remind them that they were.

Back in your apartment, your bed has been crisply made by the housekeeper and you'll peel back the comforter and slide in. The spring air, cooler than it was this morning, blows in the same window. You fall asleep looking forward to what the following day has to offer.

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