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Healthy Aging, Silverstone Living Style

Refocus and Growth 

Transitioning to your post-work stage of life has its challenges, to be sure. There are financial considerations, you have to assess your living arrangement, and most importantly, your health. It’s all doable, though, and with some proactive planning, none of it needs to be stressful.

Your later years are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, and they actually can be. No, they will be! Thinking positively there, and rightfully so. You see, aging isn’t about what you can’t do, it’s about what you CAN do! It’s about finding your comfort zone and making adjustments so that you can continue to live life the way you want to, and most importantly, enjoying yourself in the process. 

Minimizing stress is key to aging as healthily as possible. So it is with great enthusiasm that we highlight September as Healthy Aging Month. The idea is to put a spotlight on the positive aspects of aging including the ones we mentioned above. According to the Healthy Aging website, the main objective is to encourage local-level events geared toward healthy aging, promoting the idea of taking personal responsibility for one’s health…physically, socially, mentally and financially.

Sound familiar?!

For those unfamiliar, this idea is very much in line with Silverstone Living and the lifestyle choices we offer at our two Life Plan Communities, Hunt Community and The Huntington at Nashua, and with our Continuing Care At Home program, At Home By Hunt. We have the resources to help healthy adults, aged 62 and better, to come up with a plan to ensure their later years are as enjoyable as those leading up to them (maybe more so!). Life has a way of altering even the best-made plans, though, so our caring, capable staff also provides the necessary support if your situation changes down the road.

When you take the time to devote care for yourself in all these ways (physically, socially, mentally and financially), these things have a way of helping each other along, too. With financial security, the peace of mind that comes with that can benefit all aspects of your life. When you are physically fit, it can help you mentally. And all those things combined can almost certainly help you socially.

If a life with Silverstone Living sounds interesting to you, we’d love to tell you more. Call us today at (603) 821-1200 and we can arrange a tour and informational session at your convenience!

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