2016-02-08 01:21:00

Go Red this month and beyond

Cardiovascular disease, which includes heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure – is the No. 1 killer of women AND men in the United States.

Heart disease and stroke kill one in three women and one in four men.

Those facts, provided by the American Heart Association, are startling to say the least. That’s more lives taken than cancer, in fact. For some, it’s rather surprising. After all, how often do we hear about a person we know with some form of cancer? All too often, unfortunately. But heart disease and stroke among women? You just don’t hear as much about it, and that’s unfortunate considering how many lives are lost each year.

Regardless of gender or month, it is never a bad time to remind ourselves of the importance of regular wellness visits to our doctors. As with any disease, early detection and recognizing early signs of health concerns can be key to living a longer, healthier lifestyle.

There are many ways women and men can avoid various forms of heart disease. Medication is sometimes needed, but we can also empower ourselves to make lifestyle changes that can also have positive effects on heart health.

Top 10 Tips for Helping to Prevent Heart Disease

  1. Choose healthy foods

  2. Control your portions (http://nihseniorhealth.gov/eatingwellasyougetolder/knowhowmuchtoeat/01.html)

  3. Regular exercise/physical activity

  4. Reducing stress in our lives

  5. Control cholesterol

  6. Manage your blood pressure

  7. Keep your weight down

  8. Don’t smoke

  9. Get enough sleep

  10. Talk to your doctor

That final point cannot be stressed enough. These are recommendations and you should certainly talk with a health professional about what is best for you personally. Consulting your physician, and maintaining an open dialogue with her or him about your habits, is always the best course of action.

An active, healthy lifestyle is a big part of the experience at The Huntington at Nashua and Hunt Community. Our indoor pool and jacuzzi at The Huntington at Nashua is a great place to get exercise during the cold winter months. Residents from both communities have access to this amenity, in addition to their own fitness centers and instructors. Both communities also emphasize a commitment to offering fresh produce and seasonal vegetables from local farms. he concepts of eating right and getting regular, physical activity aren’t fads or things we encourage only in February – they’re our way of life. “Eating right” and “regular physical activity” are different for every individual. Finding the right formula – finding “your normal” – can take time. But once you get there, the benefits are significant.

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