2016-08-30 01:21:00

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Tips and advice for financial well-being

Once you’re done working and ready to enjoy the next phase of your life, you’re supposed to enjoy each and every day, right? After a lifetime of hard work, it’s time to focus on the things you love. You’ve earned that! Problem is, it’s hard to do that if you’re worrying about your financial well-being.

So before worries about money hamper what should be a time of relaxation and enrichment, here are some simple, effective tips to help maintain your financial well-being: 

Be debt-free: It’s a great place to be, so as your career comes to a close, consider wiping out any debt you can. Beyond that, don’t take on debt!

Live on a budget: By operating within a realistic budget, you have visibility (and more importantly guidelines and limitations) into what you have coming in and what you have going out for money. Live within your means, and you wipe the worries away.

Be patient with purchases: Spontaneous buying can be fun, but it can also become a habit. If you have the benefit of never having to concern yourself with your spending, congratulations! But for many, being prudent in our financial purchases is a necessity. So think your purchases through for a full 24 hours before making them. If a full day later it still seems like a good idea, then by all means! But sometimes you’ll find that the next day, you’ll be glad you waited.

Be a bargain hunter: Find sales and bargains! It isn’t cheap, it’s smart. And it can be a lot of fun! You’ll save yourself money and feel good about finding a great deal. It’s a win-win! 

Pay in cash: Whenever possible, pay with cash. Resist the temptation to use a credit card. You might even come across merchants who offer discounts for cash payments.

Here at Silverstone Living, we understand the importance of taking care of your finances now so you don’t have to worry later. We are happy to provide resources that can help you take the worry away and establish your financial well-being, freeing you to enjoy yourself each and everyday without worry. Anytime you’re dealing with finances, it’s good to seek professional advice from your bank or a trusted financial advisor. If you need, we can help make those connections for you, too!

Please download a free copy of our most recent guides, “The Financial Benefits of Moving to a Life Plan Community” and a “Cost Analysis of Long Term Care”.

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