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Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Healthy eating, healthy life

Healthy eating and regular physical activity: By now we all realize this isn’t a fad. It’s a lifestyle choice, and hopefully a permanent one. It’s also one we can all benefit from throughout our lives, especially as we age. In that spirit, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has dubbed March National Nutrition Month.

The idea of this campaign is to encourage the adoption of smart eating and good exercise habits. That means eating in a way that fits and supports your healthy lifestyle because no particular diet is right for every person. If all of this sounds familiar, there’s a reason! The concepts of eating healthy (and making it taste good) and engaging in regular physical activity are at the heart of how Silverstone Living’s two active living campuses, Hunt Community and The Huntington at Nashua, operate.

Choices in nutrition and exercise

Part of living your life to the fullest is making the right nutritional and exercise choices. That word, “choices,” is an integral aspect of life at Hunt Community and The Huntington at Nashua, as well as in our revolutionary Continuing Care At Home service, At Home By Hunt.

At Hunt and The Huntington, our Executive chefs and their supporting staff stay current on the latest nutritional research so they can provide as many healthy eating options as possible. Our dining venues feature a well-balanced menu made from the freshest, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients that – and this is the best part – taste good, too! Both communities offer the benefit of a licensed dietitian on staff, so they can help you make heart-healthy choices.

Healthy eating is just one part of the equation, though. You have to stay fit, too. We understand that can mean different things to different people, and we want you to enjoy your activities at your own pace.

You can work out on your own, with friends in a group setting, or with the full-time personal trainer available at Hunt or The Huntington. Aerobics and swimming are available, too. Both communities also feature a wellness center, where you can take advantage of a variety of clinics and programs, visit with a massage therapist, and more.

An active lifestyle will only enhance your experience with us and your life as a whole. Call us at 603-821-1200 to learn more about the various healthy lifestyle options we offer as part of the Silverstone Living family. 

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