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Age in Place: Don't Give Up Your Home for Your Health

As we age, we are faced with new decisions that we haven’t confronted before. When is the best time to retire? What options are available to us when we do? And when should we begin to get help for those parts of life that become more burdensome than they used to be? But the question to ask ourselves before all those others is whether or not to age in place in our home or move to a facility when care is needed.

In prior generations, entering a retirement home or care facility was customary. Now, however, there are more options available to us as we age, especially here in New Hampshire. Our Life Plan communities, Hunt Community and The Huntington at Nashua, offer the structure, security, community and pre-planning that your parents valued. But today, many of us are looking for that same peace of mind, freedom, and independence without having to move out of our home. Today's active and healthy retiree can now age in place with Continuing Care at Home programs like At Home By Hunt.

Home is where the heart is, right? Home is where our memories are. Home is where our grandkids come for holiday dinners. Home is where, for many of us, we want to stay. Aging in place with a Continuing Care at Home program is a growing trend around the country, especially here in the Northeast. Our At Home By Hunt program offers today's active, independent senior the opportunity to age right in the home they love while maintaining a long-term care plan for the future. AARP’s Public Policy Institute reports that almost 90% of those aged 65 and better wish to remain in their home and local communities. At Home By Hunt answers that demand for New Hampshire residents by providing wellness programs, guidance, and support when and as you need it. There simply has never been a better time to learn about our Continuing Care at Home program than right now.

Here are just three ways that At Home By Hunt allows you to age in your home while planning for future long-term care.


1) Healthy Today, Prepared for Tomorrow:

You are healthy today and we want to help you remain that way for as long as possible. Membership includes wellness, academic and social activities to enhance your current lifestyle. When you start needing some help, home health services are brought right into your home on a temporary or permanent basis, for as long as you might need them. No need to move to assisted living facilities or nursing homes.


2) Personalized, High-Quality Long-Term Care:

Our built-in Personalized Care Coordination not only provides a higher level of care when it’s needed but also takes the burden off family and friends. Our members and their families take comfort in knowing that if health changes occur, we are there to provide what they need when they need it. We get to know you while you are healthy to provide proper coordination and management of care when it’s needed, establishing a strong foundation for better care.


3) Protection from Expensive Long-Term Care Costs:

Smart financial planning is important during retirement, and being prepared for the high costs of long-term care must be a part of any good plan. At Home By Hunt limits your exposure to the financial risks and high costs associated with transitional, health-related support services or long-term care. Programs like ours offer a comprehensive, long-term services and personalized care at a predictable, low-cost rate. Spend your hard-earned money on things you want to spend it on, not things you have to spend it on.

So, if you’re interested in planning for the next stage of your life, and you know that doesn’t include a move to a more traditional retirement community, explore what our At Home By Hunt program has to offer.

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