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Active Adult Living: Using Technology to Stay Active and Stay in Touch

Whenever a new technology comes out, it can be difficult to want to incorporate it into your active adult living style. New gadgets and devices can be difficult to use, they can be unnecessary, and often times they are just too small, making them hard to read. However, in the ever-growing tech landscape nowadays, there are a few devices that are easy to use, and incredibly useful. Whether it's staying active or staying in touch with friends and family, here are our favorites to use in our active adult community.



While the smartphone has been ground zero for much of the technological innovations of the last 10 years, it's bigger brother is better suited for those of us looking to use the advantages of technology without wanting to take a device with us everywhere we go. One of the top tablets on the market, it's hard to beat the iPad when you're looking for a mobile entertainment and connectivity solution, and it's size means it's much easier to see than the smaller iPhones. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use it:

Audiobooks: The iPad has plenty of storage to hold multiple books. And if you prefer listening to  a real book instead of reading the digital copy, the audiobook application will be your new best friend. The application comes built in with every iPad and most books are available through Audible, an audiobook store run by Amazon. When you buy a new audiobook on your computer (or right on the iPad) it is automatically accessible within the audiobooks application, and will start playing with one simple click.

Video Calls: It's great to be able to keep in touch with friends and family, but sometimes a regular, old fashioned voice call isn't enough. Did your friends just move into a new house? Did your grandkids make something  at school this week? It's times like these that a video call is perfect. Any new iPad will be able to handle video calls through the application called "FaceTime," as long as you have an internet connection. FaceTime accesses the same contact list as the rest of your iPad, so if you have their email or their phone number, you can connect with them via FaceTime.



Our team here at Silverstone Living places a big emphasis on active, healthy living, and our residents at Hunt Community and The Huntington at Nashua, as well as our At Home By Hunt members,  do as well. We have exercise classes and nutritionists on site, and the best way to continue those efforts on your own is by using a FitBit. The FitBit is a wearable piece of technology, often in the form of a bracelet, that keeps track things like the amount of steps you took in a given day, the amount of time during the day that you had an elevated heart rate, and the amount of times you were restless or awake during the night. These baseline health statistics are accessible, where else, in an easy-to-read dashboard on your iPad.



One industry that has been most changed by technology is music. Plenty of people only listen to music on streaming channels like Spotify these days, and forego the use of records, tapes, CD's, or any type of owned music. Instead of owning a physical device that plays music, or even a file that plays it on your computer, they pay for a subscription to a service like Spotify, which is like an on-demand music library. Want to hear any song at any time? Spotify is your best bet.

Spotify is also searchable by individual song titles, or by artists, or albums, genres. So, even if you can't remember who sang that song you want to hear, there's many different ways to find it.



As more people choose to age in place in programs like At Home By Hunt, more technologies that help people stay in touch with their families and caregivers are being developed. BeClose is a system that uses discreet wireless sensors to track the homeowners' daily routines. Caregivers are then able to check on them at any time using a private, secure web page. If there is ever a problem, alerts are sent out by phone, email or text message.

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