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2017-09-28 10:00:00

Hunt Community Renovations: 132 Years of Tradition

Hunt Community is excited to announce a multi-million-dollar renovation! Check out our plans for new…

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2017-09-22 13:37:00

When is the Best Time to Become a Resident of a Life Plan community?

Know when is the best time to become a resident of a Life Plan community. Health, finances, and…

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2017-09-15 16:37:00

Planning Your Fall Adventure: Places to Visit in New Hampshire

At Silverstone Living we promote an active lifestyle, so we’d like to help plan your fall trip.…

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2017-09-13 14:37:00

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is exactly what it sounds like: staying in your home as you age. Learn more about…

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2017-08-18 10:20:00

Aging in Place: How to Prepare Your Home For Safe Adult Living

For adults considering aging in place it's more important than ever to know how to prepare a home…

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2017-08-10 13:37:00

So You Have an Empty Nest. Now What?

There is no doubt that an empty nest takes some getting used to. Take a second to learn how it also…

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2017-08-03 22:41:00

Dispel the Downsizing Stigma: Benefits of Senior Living Communities

In this blog post, we dispel the stigma associated with moving into senior living communities and…

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2017-07-25 22:15:00

The Huntington at Nashua: A Day in the Life

In this blog post, we detail what a day at The Huntington at Nashua is like as a resident of our…

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2017-07-19 15:54:00

Active Adult Living: Using Technology to Stay Active and Stay in Touch

Sometimes new technology is a hassle. Sometimes it's great! Check out our favorite new devices that…

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2017-07-12 13:37:00

Hunt Community: A Day in the Life

In this blog post, we detail what a day at Hunt Community is like as a resident of our community…

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