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At Home By Hunt is a revolutionary Continuing Care At Home program for NH residents aged 62 and better who want to remain in their own homes for the rest of their lives. At Home By Hunt provides a wellness-driven, long term care program for active adults who wish to establish a plan for their later years, with access to a total continuum of care that keeps them right in the home they love.


Age in place

We respect our members’ desire to maintain independence as they age, so we are committed to providing the tools, resources and planning to make that a reality.

Our members will live confidently in the home they know and love with the assurance that we will be there to help them successfully adjust if or when their situation changes.

We believe you will find great value in working with people who dedicate themselves to getting to know you and your needs, helping you to live your later years happily in the place you call home.

Meet Our Family

The idea that we are under no pressure to sell our home in order to enjoy the benefits of At Home By Hunt is great. When the time comes that we want to sell our home, we are free to choose whatever living arrangement we want."

Stephen G

At Home By Hunt Member

I joined At Home By Hunt because I want to stay in my home as long as possible. At Home By Hunt ensures that I can get help if I need it as I age, while remaining in my own house in familiar surroundings."

Linda K

At Home By Hunt Member

We are healthy and self-sufficient now, but we know from personal experience that this can change at any time.

Jim and Sheila Q.

At Home By Hunt Member

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