Hunt Community

Resident Testimonials

We believe it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that, for all our residents, their later years are relaxing, enriching and fulfilling. We achieve this by creating a vibrant community that allows our residents to be themselves, whatever that means for each individual. Living here is about being active and making connections, enjoying the stability of a secure future, and knowing you have the choice to do what feels right to you.

Listen as our residents share insights on life at Hunt Community and offer advice for planning the next stage of your life.

"Come and see how I'm living, you will love it." - Kay Noel, Resident

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"I don't have to deal with shoveling and snow and I don't have to call my children for help." - Alice Gabriel, Resident

"My Aunt has no worries and our family has no worries." - David Fredette, Treasurer for the City of Nashua and nephew of Alice Gabriel, Resident

“If you wait to long, you just can’t enjoy all the fun that’s here … there’s so much to enjoy here, that you’d lose out.” - Lee Reid, Resident

“The food is very good and the ambiance is wonderful. It’s just beautiful in that dining room and to be served, I feel like a queen.” - Pat Straw, Resident

"Dinner is prepared for you and they clean your apartment every two weeks so you have a lot more free time - its like being on vacation.” - Bess & Paul Tessier

“It has been a little bit of heaven … it was just beautiful it was happy and sunny. I said this is ours and that is that.” - Lee Reid, Resident


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